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Budget Door Canopy 600 x 600

Modern Budget Door Canopy 600 x 600

Depth of bracket 195mm

Two canopies can be joined together to make a wider canopy.

Black Frame. Please note: The item contains 2 Black Brackets and 1  3mm Clear Leesun Board sheets. The photo shows  2 of this products  linked together. 

Clear Board with Engineered plastic brackets
600mm Wide x 600mm Deep (includes 1 sheets 600mm x 600mm )
The canopies can be linked together, in order to produce a wider length.

This door canopy is an easy and economical solution for protection from sun, rain, snow, hail, at a budget price. It can be placed over doors or windows  

The assembly and the installation are very quick and easy. It is suitable for DIY market.

Its unique merits as below:

*Easy Installation

*Resistance to Cat-12 Typhoon

*Ageing Resistance, prevent 99% UV

*Chemical Resistance

Picture shows 1200 x 600

The Board ia a clear, amorphous polymer based on polyethylene terephthalate and 1,4-cyclohexenedimethanol with a number average moplecular weight of approximately 26,000.
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