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Armadillo body protection

What is it?

You’re vulnerable…every single time you set foot on the pitch.

Vulnerable because conventional shin guards do nothing to protect the back of your legs from calf injury through impact and stud raking.

But why expose your calf muscles, your Achilles and all the soft tissue at the back of your leg, when Armadillo can help shield you from damage?

Super lightweight, super flexible and super resilient, the Armadillo calf protector uses multiple overlapping Aridite® plates to significantly reduce the risk of injury by diffusing impact energy.

Like a breathable ‘second skin’ that ‘shapes’ to your leg this calf and Achilles protector is so comfortable, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Full time Pro, Sunday League player, Junior beginner…every time you put on your boots, put on Armadillo.

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